Friday, July 24, 2009

Edwina mosaic for Art Unleashed

Every year I donate a piece of artwork to Art Unleashed, an art auction to benefit the Kansas City Humane Society.
This year, I will make a mosaic of my cat, Edwina.  The high bidder will have the option to take this mosaic, or exchange it for a custom portrait of the pet of their choice.
I kinda hope they opt for the custom mosaic, I'm getting a little attached to this one...

Edwina WIP
It's made of stained glass, the background will be red.
If you're in the Kansas City area Friday, August 28th, it could be yours (or one like it).


  1. Hey Donna - I am a friend of the Softee crew and I subscribe to Floras blog and I saw her post about your blog. I love this! It's so different and cool! I will be keeping up with your mosaics as long as your posting :)

    PS you should totally do a mosaic of your Blog title!

  2. can't wait to see the finish art! more pictures!