Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Muppets and Writers...

I had so much fun working on the mosaic of Will that I decided to continue with the writer theme and make a mosaic of Emily Bronte. So things wouldn't get too serious I thought she could be with Oscar the Grouch, my personal favorite of the pre-Muppet Show muppets. Oh, and they should be winding a hank of yarn. I enjoy knitting, so why shouldn't they?

Since the mosaic is already well underway, I will post the WIP pictures I have taken, trying my best to keep them in some kind of chronological order, beginning with:

Oscar begun

A word of warning: These pictures have been, well, cut off. Please click on each image to see the entire photo. Thank you kindly.

WIP Emily and Oscar

Next, more work on Oscar...

WIP Oscar

Next, after an impromptu yarn color poll, the finished Oscar:

And the yarn finished. I know the size of the ball of wound yarn is out
of proportion with the amount of yarn left to wind, but we won't think about that...


Now here's something... I've never used stained glass in a mosaic (Wasser excluded) until now. I decided to incorporate some into this piece, as well as unglazed porcelain.
Here is Emily with stained glass-

Emily so far

And with a great leap forward, both figures finished. I decided to make the trash can in linework, I didn't want it to be that important. I have an idea of what I'm going to do for the background...stay tuned.

WIP Emily and Oscar


  1. Wow - Donna, I LOVE this mosaic! Oscar looks so... well, muppety. Are you using vitreous glass tile here? Thanks for sharing, this is awesome!

  2. Thanks!
    Oscar is all vitreous, as is the yarn. Emily's face and dress are stained glass, and her collar and hair are vitreous.
    The trash can is unglazed porcelain, and the background will be all of the above.
    I should be updating soon with about half of the background finished...